Dr. Anant Kumar Srivastava shares with us the secret of being a successful academician

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About The Faculty

Name Dr. Anant Kumar Srivastava
Designation HOD – MBA, SRMS CET, Bareilly
Qualification M.Tech., Information Technology, Allahabad Agricultural Institute (2004)
MBA – IT & Management, AIMA, New Delhi (1998)
Ph.D. – Management (Information System), Birla Institute of Technology (2010)

What does it take to be a successful academic? What makes highly qualified professionals take to teaching over the promise of a flourishing corporate career? We spoke with Dr. Anant Kumar Srivastava, Professor & HOD (Faculty of Management Science) at SRMS CET, Bareilly to understand this and more.Dr. Srivastava has been with the institute for almost two decades. He says, “Passion for teaching and learning and dedication and respect for others are crucial ingredients that make successful academics.” Here’s a look into his journey.

An ideal match

After completing M.Tech. and PGDITM in 1999, Dr. Srivastava joined the institute as a lecturer. Since then he has held several academic and administrative positions including Professor and Warden and now Head of Management Department, SRMS CET, Bareilly. “When you choose to be an academic you realize you will explore your potential as a learner and a teacher. SRMS offers a rich learning experience, which matches my temperament and helped me realize my true potential.”

As an administrator, Dr. Srivastava thrived in the autonomy SRMS offered him. “In fact it is one of the main reasons that attracted me to SRMS. I enjoyed the motivational and challenging tasks of teaching and learning, while creating an environment for my students that was conducive to education.”

Balancing the responsibilities of various roles

Dr. Srivastava believes that teaching also gives him an opportunity to learn from young minds in the country. As an administrator he uses his management skills to the fullest. The avid researcher with several acclaimed papers and publications under his belt also encourages a research bent of mind among students. He can balance these roles primarily due to his passion for knowledge sharing. “Innovations and knowledge exploration with self motivation are my passion. I like to stay curious and update myself with the latest so that I can share the knowledge with my students.”

Information Management, Innovation and its Time Dependency, and Adoption of Innovations are some of his areas of expertise. But his contributions to SRMS go well beyond that. He has helped the institute sign MOUs with corporate names like ICICI and technical societies like CSI and ISTE. These efforts bear results for students who get much desired exposure.

Bringing his best to the classroom

While he handles several responsibilities, Dr. Srivastava’s first love involves the classroom and interacting with students. He believes in being well prepared before every class and that means reading journals, magazines, news articles with technology updates, and more. He also encourages collaborations with faculty members from other institutes to enhance the teaching experience. “It’s important to make tedious concepts relatable using real world examples. You have to adapt to the ‘individual’ in each student, which I find fascinating as a faculty member.”

But, of course, the greatest reward for him remains in the success of his students. Over the years Dr. Srivastava has seen many wards turn into successful professionals. “They stay in touch for guidance in their careers and I extend myself as much as possible. There is nothing more gratifying than seeing my students make a name for themselves in their field.”