Abhishek Kumar reveals how different initiatives at SRMS CET, Bareilly led to his placement with TCS

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As the all-important placement season approached, for Abhishek Kumar, B. Tech. – IT, Batch (2013–2017) at Shri Ram Murti Smarak College of Engineering & Technology (SRMS CET), Bareilly, it was building on the learning acquired in his college. From boosting coding skills to focusing on body language to make the best impression, he took all the right steps to make sure recruiters couldn’t turn him down. Confident of four years of training, his efforts paid dividends as he got placed with a global name like Tata Consultancy Services (TCS). Here’s how.

The final push before placements

The Training, Development and Placement (TDP) cell at SRMS CET had done its part by bringing top recruiters to the campus. Students were prepared through Employment Skills Enhancement Program (ESEP), Student Development Program (SDP), mock group discussions and interviews. It was up to the students to make the most of the opportunity they were provided, which is just what Abhishek did. “Took all this learning in my stride. Improved coding skills, did regular coding on Hacker Ronk and Hacker Earth, and took part in various competitions to impress my recruiters.”

Practical training made him industry ready

Abhishek speaks highly of initiatives like ESEP which, he believes, ensures students get placed with at least one company. He also talks about the contribution of his faculty members – how they enabled students to keep up with the latest in the industry and shared valuable experience. “Interaction sessions with experts gave us a good idea of the actual industry environment. We realized what was expected of us when we step into the professional world. That knowledge was vital during the placement process.”

Summer internships as stepping-stones

Abhishek remains grateful to his college for helping him learn immensely through the summer internship. Through the placement cell, he got to intern with two top names from the industry – TCS and Rannlab. He feels the internships constituted eye-opening experience – they served as precursors to what lay ahead in his professional life. “At TCS, I did a project on Computer Networks, while the Rannlab project was on Linux Servers. Working with professionals and handling real-life situations was a huge learning experience.”

Groomed as a well-rounded professional

SRMS CET offered Abhishek the opportunity to participate in several extracurricular activities that helped him develop personality and boost confidence. He was the Chief Placement candidate of TDP cell as also a member of other committees. He anchored several events and helped organize Ashwamedha and Techvyom, two major festivals of the college. “These activities enhanced my management and leadership skills. We learned everything at the college, from greeting interviewers to staying confident. That’s why I am in this place today.”