Dr. Jaya Sharma focuses on the value of research and importance of updating your skills as an academic

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About The Faculty
Name Dr. Jaya Sharma
Designation Asst. Prof – Professional Communications, SRMS CET, Bareilly
Qualification M.A., B.Ed., PhD – Rohilkhand University, Bareilly

“I think without research, academics don’t matter much. When you research, your beliefs are based on reality and not on fake dogmas and prejudices,” says Dr. Jaya Sharma, Assistant Professor – Professional Communications, SRMS CET, Bareilly. From carrying out research on Indian beliefs in social scenarios to writing a paper depicting the plight of transgendered, she has covered various areas of interest. But teaching remains her true passion as she relishes the responsibility of shaping young minds and making a contribution to the building of the Nation.

Nourishing the future of India

A PhD with Indian fiction at the heart of her research, Dr. Sharma remained rooted in ground truths. She believed that as an educator you could mold engineers and technocrats, who would go on to make a difference to the society in the future. Picking SRMS CET, Bareilly was an obvious choice. “Firstly it’s a brand name that is known for world class education, which young minds in our country needs. The rigorous, disciplined learning atmosphere appealed to me as well. Moreover there is an emphasis on practical training, which is crucial for students,” she adds.

Developing an interest for research

Dr. Sharma’s PhD was on the fictional work of author Nargis Dalal. But her interest in different research areas is wide and versatile. That’s largely to do with her passion for research, which she considers integral to academics. At SRMS CET, Bareilly she gets the required support and tries to imbibe the skills amongst students. “Research is based in facts, it is essential to engage us, to be able to create new things and bring them alive. There is so much fascinating information out there that you can learn from research and it helps you grow as a professional,” she claims.

What makes a dedicated and successful academic?

As an academic, Dr. Sharma has to cover dry subjects that students might find boring. Her strategy to tackle the issue is to gain mastery over the topic to bring her best to the classroom. She also talks about updating skills as an academic frequently. “We attend conferences, workshops and online programs for value addition. Honesty and hard work are two crucial attributes to be a successful academic. If you want to teach, you need to enrich yourself first so that you can do the best for students,” she says. That’s something Dr. Sharma certainly does.

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