From basketball court to catwalk and classroom, Pranshi Chauhan puts her best foot forward

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“For me the biggest learning experience at my college has been time management. I have already used it to my advantage by balancing my academic responsibilities, extracurricular activities, and passion for sports. That’s how your college life should be and I am enjoying every moment of it,” declares Pranshi Chauhan, Computer Science department, Batch 2015–2019 at SRMS CET, Bareilly. She asserts that she is on a one-of-a-kind journey with her college as she explores different facets of her personality and hones her talents for a successful career ahead.

Keeping up with academics

While Pranshi stays active in her sporting and extracurricular endeavours, she remains focused on academics, her first priority. She claims to have benefited from the innovative teaching methods at her college and the contributions of her faculty members. “My teachers have played a crucial role in helping me understand even the most difficult subjects. They have also brought me up to speed when I had to miss classes because I was participating in sports meets. I wouldn’t have been able to do the balancing act so well without their help.”

Pursuing her true passion

Pranshi has always been inclined towards sports and basketball continues to be her true passion. She vouches for the fact that her college has allowed her to nourish her passion and talent through infrastructural facilities and logistical support. She likes the freedom of practicing with boys in her college on the state-of-the-art basketball court on campus. “I have represented my college in several zonal and state-level competitions. The college also held state-level sports fest, which gave us tremendous exposure. I have grown as a sportsperson and it has taught me team spirit and leadership qualities.”

Displaying her extracurricular talent

While the Enginex Club and Equinox Club, the academic clubs of the college, keep students abreast of the latest developments in the world of technology, the extracurricular clubs offer them platforms to display talent and shed inhibitions. “Zest, the annual cultural fest of our college, is a huge event with a variety of competitions. I participated in the Fashion Show, Renaissance, and learned to catwalk. It taught me how to groom and present myself. The energy of these events is infectious and winning awards is a huge encouragement. It has led to an all round growth in me and made me confident.”

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