Gauri Agarwal believes SRMS CET, Bareilly makes students independent thinking professionals

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The purpose of education is not to offer things on the platter but to enable you to find things for yourself and become self-dependent. SRMS engineering institutions believe in this philosophy, which is why students are equipped to learn independently and take crucial decisions. Gauri Agarwal, 3rd year student of Computer Science at SRMS CET, Bareilly agrees: “My college doesn’t guarantee placements, but it makes sure that students are industry worthy. Thanks to the all round grooming we get, I already feel confident about my career prospects.”

Wholesome approach to honing students’ skills

Gauri believes that she has grown in academics with every semester. In fact, she scored 86.1% in 3rd semester, highest among all batches. She admits that the growth would not have been possible without the three-pronged approach to learning at SRMS. “To begin with, our faculty members are always supportive and push us to learn beyond books. Programs organized by committees like Techvyom, Zest, and Aamod enhance our confidence and communication skills. Regular tutorials allow us to monitor our progress and work on our weaknesses.”

State-of-the-art infrastructure for students’ comfort and learning

According to Gauri, a key aspect of being on campus at SRMS is the comfort level that students experience. They can make the most out of the facilities for extracurricular activities as well as resources to boost their overall learning experience. She elaborates, “Our campus is equipped with OS, CG, physics, chemistry, microprocessor, DLD, and all kinds of labs. They have all the equipment, are well maintained, and give us much needed practical exposure.”

Peer learning experience for students

The diverse campus of SRMS CET offers an inherently enriching experience. Peer learning is one of the hallmarks of studying at SRMS engineering institutions and Gauri asserts that she has gained a lot from it. She also speaks highly of programs like Techvyom and Aamod that offer students a platform to come together and gain in confidence.

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