Out Bound Learning Program at SRMS IBS Offer Students Real World Lessons Through Management Games

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Pulse, the HR club at SRMS IBS recently organized an Out Bound Learning program that added a big dollop of fun to the learning experience of the students. Held on the 26th and 27th November the program focused on management games to offer students an insight into the real world applications of theories and concepts. It also gave them a respite from deadlines and classroom rigor as they learned in a fun and engaging manner in outdoor surroundings.

SRMS IBS has always strived to ensure that its students get practical exposure rather than just theoretical learning. That’s the reason it organizes innovative initiatives that not only help them understand complex concepts but encourage them to think out of the box and boost their decision making skills. The two day OBL program held under the guidance of Prof. Bhawana Pant was an initiative in the same vein and proved to be an extremely useful exercise for them.

Right at the onset, the entire batch of PGDM students were divided into four teams that harnessed the feeling of team spirit while giving the proceedings a competitive edge as well. Teams A, B, C and D competed in five games – Caterpillar, Mine Field, Ball in the Glass, Treasure Hunt and Tug of War, that were carefully designed to help them understand various management concepts they learn in the classroom.

Throughout the exercise these management aspirants coordinated and supported their team members while displaying impeccable sporting spirit. These are the qualities they will count on in their professional lives. Team D was declared the eventual winner and went back home with a cash prize and certificate. But at the end of the day everyone was a winner having learned in a lively manner and made memories that left them with a smile on their faces.