Prof. Shruti Gupta highlights the efforts at SRMS to create future decision makers

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About The Faculty
Name Shruti Gupta
Designation Assistant Prof – Faculty of Management Sciences, SRMS CET, Bareilly
Qualification MBA, Lal Bahadur Shastri College of Management and Developmental Studies
UGC NET, Human Resource Management – Labour Laws Industrial Relations

Professional Experience One year with Bajaj Capital Broking Limited

It’s always interesting to find out what makes educators tick. While for some it’s the learning through teaching, others feel stimulated working with young minds. Prof. Shruti Gupta, Assistant Professor – Faculty of Management Sciences, SRMS CET, Bareilly has her own unique perspective. “I enjoy the mentorship aspect of teaching. I get to work with students from various disciplines and sometimes they can’t recognize their talent or need a push in the right direction. I find that a challenge and quite rewarding too,” she effuses.

Transition from industry to academia

After completing her MBA with specialization in Human Resources, Prof. Gupta worked with Bajaj Capital Broking Ltd. But she chose to further her qualifications in Labour Law industry relations before turning to academics. “SRMS is a reputed organization with over two decades of history and a top rank with AKTU. It has a rich academic culture and the institute offers huge support for overall development of students and faculty. Sometimes there is a gap between classroom learning and real business, I hope my industry background fills that,” she adds.

SRMS support for learning

Prof. Gupta understands that it’s a big responsibility to mold young minds and groom them into professionals. She is grateful for the fact that SRMS group of institutions take the effort to offer value addition not only to students but faculty members as well. “We are constantly engaged in faculty development programs, seminars, which update our skills. At SRMS students learn through study competitions, industry visits and guest lectures. Through these initiatives you see students’ confidence and competencies grow,” she says proudly.

Novel teaching pedagogy works its magic

According to Prof. Gupta, the focus at SRMS is to create critical thinkers and decision makers of tomorrow. It means that faculty members have to think out of the box too and put in extra efforts to ensure that students learn in the best possible way. “Certain topics are tedious for students so I flip the classrooms so students get exposure to new material outside of class. It could be through reading material or lecture videos. We then assimilate the knowledge through group discussions, debates and quizzes in the classroom to keep things engaging at all times,” she explains.

Thus through innovative techniques and concerted efforts of its faculty members like Prof. Gupta, the college molds future professionals with successful careers in their chosen fields.

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