SRMS IBS Organised Dravya, the Finance Club a Seminar to Educate

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Dravya, the finance club of SRMS organized a seminar to educate about the ‘Infinite Possibilities’ available in finance as a career. The event was organized at SRMS IBS on 21st September 2013. The purpose of the event was to help the students in identifying their area of specialization within finance sector. The event was conducted well and highly appreciated by students and faculties. The seminar was presented as a story of the poster boy ‘Dravya’. The narrator starts with the story when Dravya is born and completes 91 days. Here comes the entry of finance sector as provider of insurance. The students then introduce the ‘Insurance Sector’ and various career opportunities in Insurance sector. The child keeps growing and interacting with various industries in the finance sector.The various industries covered for explanation were :