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The joyous festival of Holi brings with it the spirit of togetherness and harmony, and what better way to celebrate it than with a grand gathering of esteemed guests and dignitaries! Keeping up with the spirit of oneness and brotherhood, Shri Ram Murti Smarak (SRMS) Trust, Bareilly recently organized a spectacular ‘HOLI MILAN SAMAROH’ followed by a grand Feast (Pritibhoj) at SRMS Alakhnanda Staff Club that was the talk of the town. The evening that was magnificently hosted by Shri Dev Murti, Founder & Chairman, SRMS Trust, was a perfect blend of music, food, and joy, and left the audience with a feeling of contentment and happiness. The highlight of the evening was a mesmerizing ‘SUFIYANA SHAAM’ that started with a soulful rendition by the renowned and legendary Ustaad Sakhawat Hussain Khan, along with other Gurus and talented Artists, that left the audience spellbound. The event was a true reflection of the spirit of Holi, which brought people together, irrespective of their background or status, to celebrate the festival of colors and joy.

The event began with a warm welcome and introduction of Ustaad Sakhawat Hussain Khan and other guests by Dr Anuj Kumar, who was the MOC of the soulful event. The evening that witnessed guests arriving dressed in their traditional best, kicked-off with enchanting vocal performances by Ustaad Sakhawat Hussain Khan, who took the audience on a mystical journey with his powerful voice and exceptional talent. This was followed by vocal singing on ‘Nit Khair Manga Sohneya’ by Guru Sneh Ashish Dubey, Guru Ayushi Majmudar & Guru Shivangi Mishra; ‘Piya re piya re’ by Guru Shivangi Mishra & Guru Ayushi Majmudar; ‘Maula mera maula’ by Guru Sneh Ashish Dubey; ‘Tu mane ya na mane dildara’ by Guru Sneh Ashish Dubey & Guru Ayushi Majmudar; ‘Chhap tilak sab chini’ by Guru Ayushi Majmudar; and ‘Yaar teri pooja karunga’ by Guru Shivangi Mishra.

In the meanwhile, the who’s who of the town including esteemed and renowned guests and dignitaries of Bareilly, enjoyed delectable snacks at the event, followed by lavish and sumptuous dinner, which was a feast for the senses. The guests were spotted enjoying the mesmerizing Sufiyana Shaam, and savored a variety of delicious dishes that were prepared with great care and love. The dinner was accompanied by lively conversations and laughter, making it quite an entertaining and memorable event for all.

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