Tyro Club Organizes Riviera- Zest & Aamod 2017 Event

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“To complain about what’s gone is but human; But to relive it is god like”.

Some moments are nice; and some are even worth “Re-living”. The theme of the Zest suggests some of these meanings.

Riviera – Reliving the era is about looking into end of an era and attempt to celebrate the moment which we would love to relive in reality but the moments long gone.

Come and relive the glittering era of music, dance, art and tradition. Sometimes it’s the same moment that takes your breath away that breathe purpose into our life.

“Life can be understood backwards and then only can be relived forward”.

The ceremony may be ancient but the meaning remains same. We had many eras till date, but now is the time to recall them ,to re live them.

As students we have to keep this going.

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