Prof. Amit Kumar Srivastava lets us in on his secret of raising the game as an academic

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About The Faculty
Name Amit Kumar Srivastava
Designation Assistant Prof – Basic Sciences, SRMS CET, Bareilly
Qualification M.Phil, MBA – Annamalai University, Tamil Nadu
Ph.D. (Pursuing) – Amity Business School

“If you are passionate about something, you will be able to give it your best. Your hard work and extra hours you put in, will feel worthwhile because you are doing something you love. For me that passion is teaching and nurturing young technocrats,” says Prof. Amit Kumar Srivastava from the Department of Basic Sciences at SRMS CET, Bareilly. We talk to him about his motivations, challenges and rewards of being an academic.

Teaching is learning too

Prof. Srivastava always had an interest in academics, so his career choice was not a surprise. He has been evolving as an academic for a decade now and believes that it’s a lifelong process as you interact with fresh young minds. “I am fascinated by teaching-learning process because it helps me grow every day. When I bring something new to the classroom, I get something exciting and interesting in return and that’s what is truly enriching for me,” he claims.

Working with the best

According to Prof. Srivastava, SRMS group of institutions are the best in UP region. They have been recipients of Excellence Awards from UP Technical University. But he understands the efforts that go into raising the bar for education at the college from inside.“I am ambitious as an academic and I know I can go further by working with SRMS institutions. They offer you complete support to pursue your passions while offering students best education,” he says.

Research and other interests

Prof. Srivastava is currently pursuing his PhD and has a keen interest in research. He believes research has the ability to explore minds and offers platform to teachers to connect with multidisciplinary fields and getting deeper into different domains. “I am also interested in Corporate Social Responsibility and am working with the manufacturing sector in UP. Contrary to popular belief, research never gets boring as there is something new to learn always,” he adds.

Creating innovative thinkers

At SRMS group of institutions the focus lies on creating thinkers and game changers of tomorrow. Prof. Srivastava appreciates the freedom and support offered by his college to mold students innovatively. “In higher education you have to go beyond the books. We have to prepare ourselves for out of the box lectures to help students retain knowledge they get. I focus on case studies to make their learning relatable to them,” he reveals his teaching pedagogy.”

On a rewarding journey

Prof. Srivastava believes there are several rewarding avenues for an academic. For him it could be getting his PhD, having his papers published in top Indian and International journals or simply watching students become successful technocrats in the future. “At the end of the day, you are making a difference to the world around you as an academic. I have built long term relationships with my students who have had solid careers and I find that satisfying,” he concludes filled with content.

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