Ashish Agrawal – Assistant Professor shares his passion for teaching and how nurturing young minds is shaping the nation

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About The Faculty

Name Mr. Ashish Agrawal
Designation Assistant Professor, SRMS CET, Bareilly
Qualification M. Tech. – SRMS CET, Bareilly (2014)
B. Tech. – DNS College Of Engineering and Technology, J. P. Nagar (2011)
Professional Experience Assistant Professor, SRMS CET, Bareilly (2015 – Present)
Lecturer, DNS College of Engineering and Technology, J.P. Nagar (1 year)

There are many academics who take up teaching after spending years in the industry or pursuing their research interests. But there are others for whom teaching is a natural and instant calling. Mr. Ashish Agrawal, Assistant Professor – Computer Science, Shri Ram Murti Smarak College of Engineering & Technology (SRMS CET), Bareilly, falls in the latter category. He says, “Very early on I decided to become an academic. I think it’s one of the noblest professions, where you get to nurture young minds. They go on to serve society and thus academics are doing service to the nation.”

Given his strong belief in teaching it is a no brainer that Professor Agrawal joined SRMS CET, Bareilly as a teacher after topping in M. Tech. from the institute. He has been with the college for almost three years now and is happy to have made that decision. “SRMS has been around since 1996 and has a high ranking in the University. It has also won several awards from reputed organizations and educational institutes. Being part of the teaching process here has only strengthened my belief that it’s the best place to learn.”

Professor Agrawal specializes in Agile Software Development Model and Fuzzy Systems. The former is the latest trend in industry after being introduced to top Indian and international companies. He is also gaining knowledge in Data Science, the latest buzzword in IT business. “As a faculty member it’s important to keep updating yourself to bring the best to the classroom. I read the latest journals and publications to prepare for my class so that I can explain the significance of any topic and offer relevant examples.”

Alongside reading journals and magazines to stay updated on latest developments, Professor Agrawal has published his research work. He believes punctuality, passion, and a keen interest in research is important for all academics. “When you start research in a particular field you touch its every dimension. Having a research bent of mind is important for an academic and for teaching students. Luckily we get all the support we need for research at SRMS and that helps a lot.”

Given his passion for teaching, it’s not surprising that Professor Agrawal finds the profession highly rewarding. When asked about the greatest reward he gets from interacting with students and making a difference to their lives, without batting an eyelid he says, “Respect. The moment a student calls you in the middle of the night, knowing only you can solve the problem, is very touching. Recently I helped a student with her project and she made it to IIT Kharagpur. Instances like these are truly rewarding – you know you are able to give direction to their careers.”