Faculty Development Programs

The Faculty members are the backbone of any institution for Academic Excellence, the institution puts in full efforts in order to improve the quality of its faculty members through various means such as:

For the upliftment of the faculty college has a provision of 50 lacs every year . Out of this funds, all expenditure for research , project and for organizing seminar,workshop etc are provided on regular basis .The proposal for any research project submitted by a faculty is scrutinized by a panel of experts. The Faculty members of the college routinely involve themselves in publishing research papers.

This programme contains two segments, First each faculty has to design the lesson and lecture plan for each period unit-wise and in second segment requires that each faculty would have to submit the details of the same in form of Power Point slides after delivering lectures. these slides are being evaluated by the outside experts requesting for any suggestions and improvements of the lecture contents.

Learning does not end,It is continuous process. Faculty has to upgrade himself/herself through skill skill upgradations and learning enhancing tools . For this college envisages its faculty by organizing internal FDP at regular intervals. This time 7thFDP was organised by Faculty of management science from 10-12 July, 2014 on “Effective Teaching and Research Skills”. Eminent Resource persons were Prof. Kripa Shankar, Former VC(UPTU), Prof. K.Anand, NITTTR Chandigarh, Prof. Mukesh Barua, IIT Roorkee and Prof.T.Ravi.Chandran, HSS IIT Kanpur. Who have made enormous contribution to the successful conduct of this three day faculty development programme.

This programme is a part of pedagogy skill development . This is a continuous weekly programme where a faculty member of respective department present a latest topic in front of all faculty members . It is intended to encourage discussion