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SRMS CET&R organized Go Code-Free! Coding Contest Event on 6th May 2021 at 2 pm on HackerRank. More than 50 enthusiastic participants attended the session. The participants were given three hour. The questions were of Alternating character, Hurdle Race, Subarray Divison and other analytical questions.

Participants were free to chose any programming language like C++, Java, Python. The questions were designed to challenge the students and promote out of the box thinking, problem skills, and analytical thinking.

All the participants enjoyed the event and also said that it was a good opportunity for them to enhance their skills.



Winners list:

  • Pratyaksh Agarwal – 3rd year
  • Harsh Mishra – 2nd year
  • Ujjwal Deval – 2nd year
  • Urooj Khan – 2nd year
  • Abhishek Mishra – 2nd year

  • Sharad Gangwar- 2nd year
  • Abhinay Singh – 2nd year
  • Raj Agrahari – 2nd year
  • Tushar Gupta – 2nd year
  • Arun Sharma – 2nd year

  • Vanshpreet Singh – 2nd year
  • Ritika Bhardwaj – 3rd year
  • Kartik Pant – 3rd year
  • Amandeep singh – 2nd year
  • Jasleen Singh – 2nd year

The competition was organized by Ritik Srivastav and Mayank Maurya of Computer Science Branch and that was a huge success. Students were able to check their coding skills and were also inspired to enhance them.

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