VERVE (Vigour, Enthusiasm, Spirit, Specially in arts, writing)

This is the college Club that has been formed at the college level by the students. This club organises with many
events under its banner like – Technical Events, Sports and Cultural Event (Spandan). The various clubs running
under VERVE are :

Sports Club (Aaveg)

The VERVE club organises Aaveg, a sports event in the college which comprises of various track and field events,
outdoor and indoor games like – Badminton, Volleyball, Table Tennis, Live Chess, Carrom etc.

Cultural Club (Neophytes)

This is a cultural club which provides opportunities to all the students to exhibit their talents in various creative
activities such as painting, photography, music, philatery, dramatics, dance, etc. The events organized by the college
are highly appreciated and acclimated at all the levels.

The Dramatics Club (Exprimo)

This is the Dramatics club of the college running successfully under the aegis of VERVE club.
Technical Club (Techtronix – Enabling Innovation)
This is a technical Club of the college that deals with the various technical events in all fields organised by the verve
club. A Workshop on Robotics has become a regular feature.

Aero Club ( Skysharks)

Skysharks acts as a forum for the students development in the field of aeronotics. This club organises several
workshops as a regular feature in the college.

Torrent – Your Tech Pal

The college also offers a value added program to keep pace with the fast changing face of technology. Torrent is a
student level computer based society that aims for the overall development of the students who will be the future