CST-UP Engineering Students Project Grant Scheme



It has been a great honor for SRMSCET&R, that a team of 2 members has been selected under the ‘’CST-UP Engineering Students Project Grant Scheme’’ to develop new projects. Department of Science & Technology, Govt. of U.P. aims to promote and nurture Science & Technology throughout the state, creates scientific temper & harnesses it for betterment of society.

The trust of mankind in Science & Scientist is deep rooted. Science is perceived as the pursuit of truth which satisfied the basic human needs to explore the unexplored, while technology shapes
economy as well as lives of the society.

A number of teams had participated from all over the state, from which 40 teams had been selected. Our team comprising of 2 members of CS-14:

  • Naincy Pathak (Group Leader)
  • Anushi Saxena

The idea of “Real Time Monitoring of Cold Chain Projects” is proposed by the team. The first grant has been given to the team. The presentation of the student’s projects along with proto-type will be held during last week of April, 2018 at the CST, UP, Lucknow, before the subject experts. The best three projects will be selected for 1st, 2nd and 3rd position and prize money of Rs. 1, 00,000.00, Rs.75, 000.00 and Rs.50, 000.00 would be awarded to them respectively.