New Year’s Eve Celebration at SRMS CETR Bareilly

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Year’s end is neither an end nor a beginning but a going on, with all the wisdom that experience can instill in us. On 31st December, 2021 SRMS celebrated the ending of the year 2021 and the beginning of the New Year auspiciously. The celebration kick started with the welcome by the MOC to Honourable Shri Dev Murti Ji (Chairman SRMS), Mrs. Asha Murti Ji (Trustee SRMS Trust ), Mr. Aditya Murti Ji (Secretary SRMS Trust), Mrs. Richa Murti (Director, SRMS Goodlife) and various diginatries and faculty members from campus.Shri Dev Murti Ji addressed the gathering with his flourishing and thriving words and inspiring the surrounding with the sense of responsibility to be holded for the upcoming new year.He highlighted the year’s procurements for SRMS TRUST which was followed by salutations of faculty members for their benefaction in the fields of research, development, and reorganizations.

The program commenced with the vote of thanks by Principal, SRMS College of Nursing and further the gathering was requested to proceed for the high tea.The entire event was flooded with the waves of happiness and joy. Here’s wishing you an equally euphoric and thrilling Happy New Year 2022.

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