FDP conducted on ‘Developing Employability Skills’ at SRMS IBS, Lucknow

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As part of industry engagement activities, Shri Ram Murti Smarak International Business School (SRMS IBS), Lucknow conducted a Faculty Development Program on 14 July 2017 focused on developing employability skills.

Mr. Prashant Verma conducted the program. Mr. Verma is a dynamic HR professional with certifications in Six Sigma Black Belt, Blue Ocean Strategy and PRINCE 2. With almost two decades of experience with corporates, he has worked with Denso (Toyota Group) and KPMG Consulting India as Vice President, HR & Strategy.

Mr. Verma interacted with faculty members, apprising them about the gap which typically exists between student competencies and recruiter expectation and, more importantly, the role that faculty members can play to minimize this gap. The FDP saw participation from the faculty members of SRMS International Business School and SRMS College of Engineering and Technology, Lucknow.

On grooming future professionals, Mr. Verma emphasized that today’s learning and teaching methodologies should be different from the past and need to embrace change. Effective communication, adaptability, critical thinking, and curiosity are some of the skills that we need to constantly develop through effective pedagogy. Speaking about the ‘Net Gen’ of students, he said curriculum and pedagogy should incorporate the digital medium.

Next, he spoke about the changing role of faculty and how teachers are now not just subject matter experts, but mentors. How teachers need to establish a positive teacher–student relationship so that each student can be individually mentored keeping in mind background and special needs.

Finally, on effectively connecting with students, he talked about engaging students in the learning process by embracing collaborative strategies and by assigning team-based tasks that require minimal supervision. This would help students to grow as individuals and as professionals. Teaching also needs to evolve: from being a one-way communication to more of role plays and group activities.

Overall, the session proved fruitful in exposing the faculty to the latest approaches in student engagement and industry expectations from campus hires.