“Learning that can be practiced from day 1 in the industry, is what makes our program stand out,” says Dr. Mohit Morya, SRMS IBS

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“At SRMS IBS we do things differently. Here students are encouraged to understand and perform like they would in the industry. It prepares them for different exciting roles they might take on in the future,” says Dr. Mohit Morya who specializes in Integrated Marketing Communication. Here he talks to us about how the institute offers something for all aspirants with their own individual goals and grooms them for the industry.

SRMS IBS does not prepare you only for getting jobs, but to create jobs as well!

Entrepreneurship is an art SRMS IBS teaches to its students from day one. Dr. Morya points out that India is a growing economy with many dynamic opportunities in the future. What it needs are entrepreneurs who can shape things to come. The B School does its best to create some of its own by bringing a blend of classroom learning and industry to the students. “We also have an Entrepreneurship Development Centre, where the students are taught how to come up with their startups. Moreover the emphasis is on experiential learning,” he says.

That’s why besides the dynamic incubation centre there are everyday efforts to give students a taste of real world corporate life. Dr. Morya spells out some of these activities as he says, “Right from how they can build advertisements, whether it’s broadcast commercial, preparing sales promotion or print advertisement; they are aware of how industry functions. That’s why they get picked up by the corporate names quickly, and fit right in.”

Focus on Sunrise sectors

SRMS IBS remains committed to moulding professionals that are in keeping with industry demands. That’s why the program also focuses on Sunrise sectors that Dr. Morya talks about. “For example, our Retail program is on par with standards offered by National Occupational Standards by the retailer association, Skills Council of India. We also offer certificate program in Retail that is ideal for those who want to make a place for themselves in the sector,” he adds.

The program teaches students how to manage retail outlets. They are also equipped to build a planogram, build or manage inventory and do things in a professional manner. According to Dr. Morya, “It prepares students to go straight from the campus, not just to the shop floor, but to management desk. Similarly there will be courses that will offer those interested in different sectors the cutting edge advantage.”

Teaching pedagogy that makes the difference

In a bid to create corporate ready professionals, the B School uses a good mix of case based study and experiential learning for its students. Dr. Morya explains, “So when our students go into the industry for learning, they are one of the key people involved in the projects, day to day functioning there. They interact with professionals, and come back from summer internships and go about their activities like professionals would.”

Dr. Morya also mentions live workshops, simulation and role plays as some of the other strategies employed by the institute to ensure that when students step out into the real world, they are raring to go.