Two days Workshop on R C Trainer Aircraft Designing

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Shri Ram Murti Smarak Women’s College of Engineering and Technology, Bareilly
Two days Workshop on R C Trainer Aircraft Designing
27th & 28th February, 2016
A Two days workshop on RC Trainer Aircraft Designing will be organized by Shri Ram Murti Smarak Women’s College of Engineering and Technology, Bareilly, UP on 27th and 28th February, 2016. This workshop will be conducted in association with TechEagle.
The main target of the workshop is to establish the base which will help the participants to independently design, build and fly RC planes. The course will give an introduction to basic concepts of Aerospace Engineering like motion and Stability concepts of an Aircraft along with the introduction to the design. It will provide 5 minutes of virtual flight training to every participant during the workshop. The sessions of this workshop are as follow:
Design Session
1. Fundamentals of Aerodynamics.
2. Various components of an Airplane.
3. Stability and Control of an Airplane.
4. Introduction to RC Aircraft Design.
Software Analysis
1. Selection of Airfoils based on Design requirement.
2. Stability analysis of RC Trainer Airplane Design
3. Explore the iterative Techniques of creating an Excellent Design.
4. Visualize the 3D model of RC Aircraft before start making. Fabrication Session
1. Learn best manufacturing techniques by experienced Mentors.
2. Hands-on experience with various Aircraft building materials.
3. Electronics Integration.
4. Getting your RC Aircraft ready to fly (Weight Balance, Pre Flight Checks).
Flight Training
1. Professional Flight lessons from TechEagle Pilots
2. Experience the thrill of flying an RC Aircraft in a Flight Simulator
3. Hands on Experience during the workshop
4. Flight tips from licensed pilots of TechEagle
Flying Session
1. Experience the fun of your RC Aircraft Flight
2. Safety Precaution while conducting Flying Session
3. Pre-flight Checks and In-flight tips from the Licensed Pilots
4. Be Professional at RC Trainer Airplanes
How to participate:
Interested participants of SRMS Institutions Bareilly & Lucknow are required to contact the following Campus Ambassadors of this Workshop
1. Nida Iram (B. Tech SRMSWCET, Bareilly)
2. Sahil Madan (B. Tech, SRMSCET, Bareilly)
Participation fee : Rs 1500/- par participant
Contact Address:
Shri Ram Murti Smarak Women’s College of Engineering & Technology
Ram Murti Puram, 13 KM, Bareilly-Nainital Road, Bhojipura, Bareilly, UP, India
Website: Contact E-mail :

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