SRMSIMS Pharmacology Department


Undergraduate and postgraduate teaching, the primary aim of the department, has been progressing in a congenial environment incorporating the latest audiovisual and computer-related techniques. There is a huge museum with wide range of drug samples, drug delivery system, self-explanatory models and charts to facilitate teaching process. The department has all the facilities of research and promotes research activities apart from thesis work. ADR reporting – the department collects all the adverse events related to the medication and then send it to the regional pharmacovigilance center. Some of the latest highlights of the department are:

  • Experimental pharmacology laboratory has been converted to Computer Assisted Learning Lab (CAL Lab) – all experiments are now computer simulated since August 2015.
  • Medical Audit – helps students to have proper knowledge about writing a prescription, having proper knowledge about rationality of prescribing a given drug or a combination since January 2016.
  • Pharmacy duty of Postgraduates – to ensure proper and correct dispensing of drugs which sound alike and look alike since January 2016.


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