Department of pulmonary medicine has been established since the start of our institution. Our department looks after the tuberculosis, other respiratory infections, diseases and critically ill patients. We have outdoor and indoor facilities along with Intensive Care unit for critically ill patients. We have facilities for various speciality investigations such as Spirometry and Diffusion Study, Arterial Blood Gases, Fibreoptic Bronchoscopy, Bronchoscopic Biopsy, broncho-alveolar lavage, bronchoscopic foreign body removal, CT Scans, CT Guided FNAC and Biopsy, pleural fluid aspiration, pleural biopsy etc. We perform therapeutic interventions like pleural tapping, Inter-costal tube drainage, foreign body removal, ICU Care, BIPAP, endotracheal intubations and mechanical ventilation supports to critically ill patients. Diffusion Study, Medical Thoracoscpy and Polysomnography (Sleep Study) are new addition to armamentarium of our department.

  • Last year we’ve seen more than 40 thousand patients in our OPD, around 2600 patients were admitted; about 2300 spirometry, 200 pleural tapping, 135 ICD procedures and more than 270 fibre-optic bronchoscopy procedures have been performed. During last 5 years we have diagnosed about 500 cases of Carcinoma lung/ pleura and provided treatment in collaboration with Deptt of Radiotherapy.
  • The department is also running various specialized clinics like Asthma and Allergy clinic, COPD and Pulmonary Rehabilitation clinic, and planning to initiate MDR/XDR- TB Clinic. The department is also running DOTS Centre since April, 2006 with great success. More than 10 thousand patients have been diagnosed by sputum microscopy and 800 cases have been registered with us, got medicine and cured.
  • The department has been pioneer in organizing first of their kinds of national level conferences. In year 2008 we organised highly successful and much appreciated 1st pulmonary and critical care update, and in year 2010 we organized 1st ever UP- Uttarakhand State Chapter Conference of Indian Society of critical care medicine (ISCCM) at Nainital. In the year 2013, we organized 1st update on critical care at Jim Corbett.
  • Last year our department organized highly successful Comprehensive Critical Care Conference (C4). In this winter we organized much appreciated 2nd Update on Critical Care at Jim Corbett.
  • Our faculty members have provided support to other departments in organizing various conferences and workshops. The faculty of the department have contributed various academic articles to journals conference books, and collage magazine. Our faculty have delivered lectures in national conferences and attended various national and international pulmonary/ critical care conferences as speakers, faculty or delegates. Our PG students have presented many papers and posters at various national and state level conferences.

Endobronchial Ultrasound (EBUS) Facility
started first time in the region

SRMSIMS, Bareilly proudly announces introduction of EBUS (ENDOBRONCHIAL ULTRASOUND) in department of pulmonary and critical care. EBUS is a novel, highly effective OPD procedure to evaluate and collect samples from patients of suspected lung cancer for diagnosis and staging, lungs nodules, detect lungs infection and to evaluate areas of lung not accessible through fibreoptic bronchoscope.

The Institute is the first to offer this facility in Rohilkhand division and Kumaun Area of Uttarakhand, that too at a much cheaper rate as compared to hospital charges in metro cities.


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