Cochlear Implant Surgery at SRMS IMS

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COCHLEAR IMPLANT SURGERY – A Boon for deaf child to Restore listening abilities This is a proud moment to inform you that our institute has been empanelled with Ali Yavar …

Challenging Case Of Paediatric B-NHL at SRMS IMS

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Master Azad 12 years old male presented to pediatric deptt (at SRMSIMS Bareilly) in very critical condition in January 2019 with c/o pain and swelling abdomen, breathlessness. On clinical examination, there was massive ascites,b/I pleural effusion

Kidney Cancer-operated Laparoscopically at SRMS IMS

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A female patient with 75 years of age with diabetic and hypertensive came to the OPD with complaints of blood in urine and left sided flank pain for the last 3 months. Physical examination was normal

Case of Sacrococcygeal Teratoma Successfully operated in SRMS IMS Hospital

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Child referred to us at day 2 of life with swelling in the sacrococcygeal region. On clinical examination, it was found to have origin from sacrococcygeal region…


6 Kg Tumor Operated at SRMSIMS In Critical Condition

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Patient Sunita, 30 years old, an unmarried female was presented to OPD with a complaint of a large lump in abdomen with large breast swelling. Her menstrual cycle was irregular with metromenorrhagia.

Successful Management of a Case Of Large PDA with Congestive Heart Failure & Multi Organ Dysfunction

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Master Rohit Dhoundiyal 14 Months male child was brought in the Pediatrics department on 27/3/19 with complaints of fever and difficulty in breathing.