An in-house developed Educational ERP helps in teaching-learning practices by providing the following functionalities:

Online Quiz Interface
Weekly online quizzes are conducted through this interface by providing 10 MCQs on each subject of the university curriculum so as to ensure that the conceptual knowledge is being transferred to the students in all the subjects. This interface also helps in conducting Quantitative Aptitude Tests, Logical Reasoning Tests, and Laguage Proficiency Tests etc. so as to make them ready for placement drives.

Blow Ups Interface
This interface enables the students to refer to the Blow Ups (Lesson Plans) of the various subjects being taught to them during a particular semester as per the university curriculum.

Tutorials Interface
This interface enables the students to access and download the Tutorial Sheets for the particular subjects.

Attendance Interface
This module is integrated with Biometric Attendance Devices installed in the Classes and Labs and assists in recording the attendance of the students in accordance to the Time Table enforced at a particular time. This interface enables the students to monitor their attendance in various classes. It further enables the teachers to have an eye on the regularity of the students. It also enables the authorities to monitor the regularity and punctuality of the students as well as the teachers in the classes.

Fee Interface
This interface enables the students to access their fee related information like Fee Dues, Next Installment Due Date etc. at any point of time.