The Illuminati Club is the esteemed technical organization of the Department of Information Technology at SRMS College of Engineering and Technology (SRMS CET) in Bareilly. Comprising a dynamic community of IT enthusiasts, the club is dedicated to fostering innovation, knowledge sharing, and technological excellence among students.
 At the heart of SRMS CET, the Illuminati Club serves as a hub for students passionate about cutting-edge technologies, software development, and problem-solving. With a commitment to advancing technical skills and promoting a collaborative environment, the club hosts a diverse array of events, workshops, and seminars that cater to various domains within the IT field.
 The club's mission is to empower students with the skills and insights required to thrive in the ever-evolving tech landscape. By facilitating hands-on experiences, projects, and interactive sessions, the Illuminati Club nurtures creativity, critical thinking, and leadership among its members.
 Being an integral part of SRMS CET's academic ecosystem, the Illuminati Club plays a pivotal role in connecting students to real-world applications of IT principles. Through its initiatives, the club not only enhances students' technical proficiencies but also equips them with the professional acumen needed to excel
in the IT industry.
 As a symbol of excellence and innovation, the Illuminati Club exemplifies the spirit of technical curiosity and collaboration, inspiring students to illuminate their paths in the realm of technology.

  1. To become efficient problem solvers, researchers, innovators and entrepreneurs, and make us competent professionals by enabling us to take up any kind of challenges in the Information Technology industry or research organizations to serve.

  1. Offer high-quality undergraduates in order to prepare our graduates to become leaders in their profession.
  2. Provide best infrastructure facilities to achieve excellence in learning process and research.
  3. Provide suitable forums to exhibit the creative talents of students and faculty members.
  4. Prepare the students and faculty to solve challenging real-world problems through strong research and development.

Governing Body

Session 2023-24

S. No. Name of the Post No of Post
1 Head of Department Dr. Shailesh Saxena
2 Faculty Coordinator of Club Ms. Pooja Mishra
3 Chairperson of the Club Aditya Pal

Contact Us

Please write us to contact – mail: illuminati.srmscet@gmail.com

Please write us to contact – insta:illuminati.srms