Research Promotion Scheme


Research Promotion Scheme is aimed to create and empower the environment in the Shri Ram Murti
Smarak College of Engineering and Technology, Bareilly by promoting research in engineering and
life science area. Scheme is aimed to augment the quality of faculty and research personnel by promoting
the innovations in established and new technologies.

Detail of the Scheme

(1) Publication:
* Publication, which have SRMS-CET affiliation and published in journals indexed in WoS /SCI/
SCOPUS / UGC CARE will be only considered for incentives.

* A single paper can be rewarded.
* Followings are the monitory award for the publications.

Category of Journal Position Reward
WoS /SCI First Author /Corresponding Author  Rs.15000
WoS /SCI Co-author (In case First Author/ Corresporiding Author are from another institute  Rs.11000
SCOPUS First Author/Corresponding Author  Rs.11000
SCOPUS Co-author (In case First Author/Corresponding author are from another institute  Rs. 5000
UGC-CARE First Author/Corresponding author  Rs. 5000
UGC-CARE Co-author (In case First Author/Corresponding Author are from another institute  Rs. 3000

(2) Book/Book Chapter:

Category Reward
Full Book (First Author) International Publisher such as Academic Press, Springer, Welly Oxford University
Press or other internationally reputed publishers
Rs. 21000 
Full Book (Co-Author) International Publisher Rs. 11000 
Full Book (first Author) National publisher Rs. 11000 
Full Book (Co-Author) National Publisher Rs. 5000 
Full Book (First Author) Local Publisher Rs. 5000 
Full Book (Co- Author) Local Publisher Rs. 3000 
Book Chapter in reputed International publisher Rs. 3000

(3) Patent filling: All cost and support will be given by the Institute in case the institutes are the Co-Applicant. Institute will share 40:60 (Faculty: Institute) royalty from the commercial benefit out of the patented innovation.
(4) Consultancy Work: The Institute will share 50:50 (Faculty: Institute) of revenue from the
consultancy/Industrial Projects
(5) Leave Travel Concession (LTC): On the basis of the Research Publications / Patents / Research Projects carried out by the faculty members during the semester, they will be categorized in Grades A+,A,B+,and B depending upon the level of their work, the recognizing body and nature of their respective will be as follows:

Grade Maximum Reimbursement Nature of Trip Members
A+ Rs. 1.25 Lac International- Academic Individual
A Rs. 50000/= Lac National- Excursion Family
B+ Rs. 35000/= National- Excursion Family
B Rs. 25000/= National- Excursion Family

* The faculty members will be entitled for the Economy Class Air Travel for International Trips and AC 2-Train
Travel or equivalent for the National Trips.
* The faculty members availing International Trip will serve a 1 Year Service Bond.
* The objective of Academic International Trip will be to study the state of research in the related field in that

(6) Project Award: A cash award will be given to the PI/Co-PI of the project

PI of the government project above Rs. 10 Lakh Rs. 21,000
Co-PI (in case PI from other institute) of the government project above Rs. 10 Lakh Rs. 11000
PI of the government project bellow Rs. 10 Lakh Rs. 11000
Co- PI (in case PI from other institute) of the government project bellow Rs.10 Lakh Rs. 5000

(7) Best Department Award: the department contributing maximum number of Research
publications, patents, and project Grants will be awarded with best Department Award.

* The guidelines may be change as per the recommendation of R&D Departments.
* Faculty may submit the details for the award on prescribed application along with the supporting proofs.
* Award will be finalized after proper evaluations of the details by a committee recommended the by the R&D

Member of R&D Department
(1) Dr. D. N. Rao, Director IQAC & Professor Department of MBA, SRMSCET, Bareilly
(2) Dr. Aart Gupta, Director Pharmacy, SRMSCET, Bareilly
(3) Prof. L. S. Maurya, Principal SRMSCET&R, Bareilly
(4) Dr. Shalendra Deva, Department of ME, SRMSCET, Bareilly