Dept. of Basic Science

Goal of the programme

Department Of Basic Sciences & Humanities is one of the indispensible department of SRMS CET and it plays an important role in teaching Applied Science Courses as per the prescribed curriculum of UPTU. The Purpose of Basic sciences & Humanities in engineering studies is to provide a strong foundation of basic principles of various subjects such as physics and chemistry in the mind of the students so that they proceed to their further studies with clear concepts of basic engg. Sciences. The subjects Professional Communication, Environmental studies and Human Values are also ingrained in order to make the students important instrument of the corporate world. The faculty of the department also make efforts for continuous self-improvement and development as a research department in the field of science and technology. The department has a team of well qualified and experienced faculty members and we are trying continuously to improve the quality of education.

The department is equipped with the following Labs :

Chemistry Labs

The Chemistry lab assumes a central and distinctive role, as it bases itself on observation and experimentation. The chemistry lab has the potential for :fostering an understanding of scientific inquiring which include designing experiments, executing them, data analysis and interpretation it also develop attitude towards science.In lecture, you will learn the principles and theories that, to date, best explain the observations that have accumulated. The problem is that, if all you have is lecture, then it is all too easy to forget that these theories apply to the “real world.” The laboratory experience is, by design, your opportunity to see these principles and theories in practice.the basic science department has a fully equipped chemistry laboratory with a capacity of 65 students at a time to perform the experiments.

Following are the Specialized Labs :

  • Titrimetry
  • Colorimetry
  • pH-metry
  • Polymer Chemistry
  • Organic Analysis and Synthesis

Physics Labs

To imbibe the basic tenets of physics in the young minds, the basic science department has a fully equipped physics laboratory with a capacity of more than 60 students at a time to perform the various experiments of optics, Modern Physics, electricity and electronics according to the curriculum of UPTU Lucknow. Besides the curriculum of UPTU Lucknow, other experiments are also performed in the Physics lab. Our fully equipped department of Basic Science executes this in superb manner with the most modern state of art laboratory thereby enabling students to enhance their knowledge of physical science. Its mission is to groom the overall personality of the students in a holistic manner and bring out the hidden talent. Technology having alone does not make a perfect engineer. Therefore for the acquisition of true knowledge and correct interpretation of the utility of science and technology.

Following are the Specialized Labs:

  • Sonometer
  • Newton Ring
  • Poiseuille’s
  • Nodal Slide
  • Half Shade Polarimeter
  • Plane Transmission Grating

  • Carry Foster’s Bridge
  • Variation of Magnetic Field
  • Stefan’s Law
  • Energy Band Gap

Language Lab

As an endeavour to develop personality and communication skills of students, college has a full fledged language lab to improve the language proficiency of students in various languages including English. The Language Lab is a networked application available for students to provide them an easy way to learn phonetics in a fully computerized ambience. The lab consists of various latest equipments like lingua phones, web camera, recording software and audio-visual facilities etc. The personality development section of the lab focuses on grooming the personality of students and helps them in preparing themselves to become good human being and talented professionals.