Subodh Dixit
Subodh Dixit

Group Head
Tata Power

From Bareilly to Mumbai, SRMS CET’s alumnus Subodh Dixit’s journey has been nothing short of phenomenal!

From Project Manager in Blue Star to Group Head at Tata Power, Subodh Dixit, has certainly come a long way from his days in Bareilly as a B.Tech student at Shri Ram Murti Smarak College of Engineering and Technology (SRMSCET, Batch of 1999). Subodh admits that he owes his success to hard work, which, “I believe is the only path to success.”

He may have spent his time in a small city but Subodh always had huge aspirations. “It was because I came from a small town, that I aimed high,” he confesses. And this quality has taken his career to amazing heights. Elaborating on his beliefs he says that it is very important to start one’s career on the right note as the beginning defines the direction one’s job is going to take. It is also important to choose the right “segment of work”.

Always in search of new horizons and more challenging work profiles, Subodh says that the four plus years he spent in Blue Star were memorable. He was surrounded by some wonderful people and had an excellent team. “You get emotionally attached to the organisation and the people when you work somewhere for a long time. But I believe in the words “never settle,” as my thirst for better career opportunities has always motivated me,” he admits.

Leaving Blue Star was not an easy decision but getting an opportunity with TATA Power was, as he says, “An honour and a dream come true.” The job profile at TATA Power encompassed power distribution & Gas Insulated Substation (up to 400 kV) and being someone who loves challenges, Subodh was quick to accept the position.

Recalling how well he was groomed at SRMSCET and his first job at NDPL, he says that after getting out of any institution the sky can be the limit but it all “depends on your courage and how far you want to fly. You are raw and need to mature quickly. You also need to pick up good management and communication skills.”

A Tata Group company, NDPL was where Subodh learnt on the job. Reminiscing about how he worked at various sites for long hours in the searing hot summer months, he says that one’s first job is where one needs to put in the hard work and learn as rapidly as one can. However, Subodh bemoans the lack of quality education today and feels that the ‘drive in the small town kids’ is what’s getting them far ahead of their ‘easy-life-not-much-to-prove’ city counterparts. “They may lack in some communication skills but overall they are better,” he says adding that his journey in a college in a small town like Bareilly was very smooth.

While the management of SRMSCET provides everything that is needed to produce a successful engineer, Subodh says that the college’s advantage lies in its good learning environment; its major recruitment drives; seminars, technical fests etc. SRMSCET he says is also adopting a world-class infrastructure, faculty and teaching programs which are the demand of time. With this approach he feels SRMSCET does not need anything more to deliver excellent professionals.

This explains why the college’s alumni have done exceedingly well climbing to senior management levels, not to speak of Subodh’s own career trajectory that has seen him traverse the country from Tier 2 and 3 cities to metros and finally to Mumbai. However, the college’s illustrious alumni can contribute to their alma mater by supporting the college in terms of feedback, interacting with the current students, providing counselling to students who need it and so on, he feels. “SRMSCET has given its students a lot and it should be the alumni’s responsibility to pay the debt by supporting the college.”