SRMS CET organizing A One Day Technical Fest: Electro-Impulse-2k19 – ‘Exploring the Future….’

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“Electro-Impulse-2k19- Exploring the Future” a much anticipated Technical Fest of ECE Dept. at Shri Ram Murti Smarak College of Engineering & Technology, Bareilly is scheduled on 12th October 2k19.

Common Rules

  • Participants have to bring their college ID.
  • Participants are not allowed to carry mobile phone.
  • A participant can participate in maximum 03 events.
  • The decision by the judges will be final for all the events.
  • In case of shortage of time the registration for any event will be done on first –come-first-serve basis.
  • Final decision regarding DIS-QUALIFICATION, ENROLLMENT OF TEAM and results in all the events will be subject to the concerned judges.
  • Rules may change on the spot as per the circumstances.

Registration Fee :

Registration Fee for 1 Event-Rs. 20
Registration Fee for three Events-Rs. 50

Electro-impulse is # 1 Day Tech Fest with # 8 Events as listed below:


i-LOGIC is an individual event consisting of a quiz on General awareness & Aptitude.

  • Individual Event.
  • Quiz will be based on aptitude test and general knowledge test.
  • Negative marking(+4/-1)
  • Time limit will be 60 minutes.

INNOW@R: (Engineering from waste material)

It is a team event with a maximum team size of 2 members. Each team will have to make a model on the spot based on the theme-“Engineering out of Waste”.

  • Team should be of 2 members only
  • Total (maximum) time given for the model development will 90 minutes.
  • Material should be wastes only from houses or offices)
  • Weight of material should not exceed by 5 kilogram.


An Individual event in which participants will express their views on the topic allotted to them on the spot.

  • Participants shall be given a topic two minute before the extempore.
  • Each participant will be given Three minutes (grace time 15sec) to speak on the topic.
  • Participants shall be awarded negative marks for exceeding the time limit.
  • Participants are not allowed to refer to any material/books after receiving the topic.
  • Evaluation criteria:
    Total 20 point
    Introduction (3)
    Depth of subject Knowledge (7)
    Presentation and Language (7)
    Conclusion (3)
  • The decision of judges will be final and binding on all Participants.


Team of 2 members will have to represent their vision on images shown.

  • It is a team event (2 members)
  • Each team will be shown image just for 1 minute and in next 1 minute, they will have to narrate a story based on their vision. The best positive vision will be judged by the judges.


Team Event with a team size of 2 members includes some riddles and fun in technical terms. Problems to be solved by team namely technical IQ problems and crossword problems.

  • It consists of 3 rounds, two elimination and one final round.
  • Round 1: Solve the clue: To decode the entity/location and submit the selfie along with the hidden entity/location. First 50% of the candidates with correct 5 or 6 entries will qualify for second round.
  • Round 2: It’s a Puzzle Round.
  • Round 3: Team members need to need to solve the Cross word to find the next location.
  • First 50 team on First Come First serve Basis.
  • Team Size : 2


A team event of two members in which each team will have to troubleshoot a problem in software and hardware.

  • Team event (Max 2 members).
  • There will be two rounds one is software based (MATLAB/Assembly Language (8085) and other is hardware based.
  • Time limit is 30 mins.


Team event with team size of maximum 3. Each team has to demonstrate their robots prepared by their team solely as per specifications displayed and mentioned in the rule book.

LINE FOLLOWER ROBOT is one of the most exciting Robotics Event of all time. You just must move your bot through the given arena comprised of an interesting path. All you need is to make your bot compatible for every type of path that you can imagine, the path will be of BLACK color and the background is going to be of WHITE color. The Arena will be revealed during the competition.

Tag Line: – Being on the Line will make you Shine.


  • The size limitation should be of 200mm length-wise and 200mm width-wise.
  • It must be controlled autonomously without any human aid.
  • The robot must be powered by a battery source placed on it.
  • Readymade Lego are not allowed.
  • There must be a team of 2-4 members and the weight of bot not more than 2kg.
  • Point description will be disclosed on the spot before commencement of the event.
  • In case of any discrepancy’s faculty decision will be final and binding.
  • Any team found flouting any rules would be automatically disqualified.
  • Robot must not exceed circuit voltage of 12V at any point of time.
  • Testing on the track will not be allowed & if done so, the team will be automatically disqualified.
  • Robot will be submitted after your turn and will be returned to you after the event.
  • While submitting the robot no component is allowed to be taken by the participants while event (except supply.)


An Individual event in which the participant has to use his/her creativity to make a poster. The theme of the poster will be revealed one day before the event.

  • Individual event
  • The subject matter of the poster must address a technical, economic or environmental aspect of engineering, or other basic engineering theme.
  • Sheets will be provided on spot.
  • Participants must bring colors as required by their own.
  • Watercolors are not allowed.
  • Time given will be 90 mins

Theme of Poster “Smart Cities in 2050- Future of Engineering”

Be as creative as you can!

For any query contact: Deepak Yadav and Namrata Gupta

Electro-impulse 2k19 will be a reservoir of competitions to bring out the best of participants’ abilities. The students will be able to exhibit their creativity, innovativeness, leadership, team building skills in full swing with fun and excitement.

So let’s participate and rock.