Emerging Issues on Contemporary Business Practices in the Era of Intelligence (EICBI-19)

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(An Innovative & Sustainable Approach)
November 8th-9th, 2019
Faculty of Management Science

a. Date for submission of Abstract + Full paper is extended : 10th October’2019
b. Date of notification of acceptance : 20th October’2019
c. Registration deadline : 30th October’2019


Business entities have changed drastically in the last few years; this has created many opportunities, challenges and standards for businesses in global and domestic arenas. The contemporary business environment is extremely competitive and is forming a difficult landscape for the stakeholders. Most businesses, one way or another, have to rely on software and technical innovation in order to be competitive. However, as the technological topography changes at a very rapid pace, this can be an expensive, time-consuming and complicated ordeal to deal with. Hence coping with such pressures calls for modern Business proposition which can go beyond developing a good product, pricing it attractively and making it accessible.

This research conference identifies key societal, business and technological practices befitting the very dynamic and exuberant market. The conference will highlight on the dimensions of accessibility for existing business venture and investigate how they will shape future business opportunities, and explore best practices in the era of innovation and novelty. This conference aims at looking some of the contemporary business practices in the new millennium and the management tools and techniques to manage the business in these concurrent times. The conference will attempt to look at all the traditional management domains General Management, Marketing, Human Resource, Finance, Technology Management and Operations. It will provide an opportunity to academicians and corporate professionals to discuss and debate on the prevailing trends in business and the futuristic approach towards adding new postulates to the business.

Further, this conference will also provide the opportunity to collaborate with some renowned experts in the domain of management and other scholars from the different part of the world.

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